Oliver Schopf, politischer Karikaturist aus Österreich, politische Karikaturen aus Österreich, Karikatur, Illustrationen Österreich 2012 : 
Polenklischee Vorurteile gegenüber Polen aufs Papier gebracht von Karikaturisten Schopf und veröffentlicht in internationalen europäischen Tageszeitungen und dereen Onlineausgaben.

Stereotype of Polish people drwane by Oliver Schopf. The cartoon was edited in jannuary 2012 in the German Newspaper Süddeutschen Zeitung.

Süddeutsche Zeitung released the cartoon by Austrian cartoonist Oliver Schopf.

European stereotype of Polish people – bigoted, drinking too much and anti-Semitic

A EUROPE-supplement of the most renowned European daily newspapers like Sueddeutsche Zeitung, El Pais, Le Monde, Guardian, La Stampa, Gazeta Wyborcza published simultaneously a special cartoon of Oliver Schopf on Polish stereotype in the EU.
(Jannuary 2011)
Church Drinking and Anti-semitism, the stereotype of Polish people pictured by Oliver Schopf in the online issue of daily newspaper El Pais.

Oliver Schopf, editorial cartoons austria, politische Karikaturen  2009: karikaturmuseum, krems, exhibition tobacco in cartoons
Austrian President of the Parliament Barbara Prammer and Oliver Schopf.

Photography: Adsy Bernart

Oliver Schopf political cartoon exebithion show in the Austrian parliament 2012 fotography from Adsy BernartPolitical cartoon show in the Austrian parliament

President of the Austrian parliament, Barbara Prammer, during her opening speech of the exhibition "Editorial cartoons in the Parliament". 11 daily newspaper working cartoonist show their artwork in several rooms of the so called "Hohes Haus" for two months. Mostly focussed on national subjects and issues like corruption, austerity programs, government, rating consequences, Euro crisis some artist deal with special ideas on the parliament itself. Among them internationally renowned Oliver Schopf, contributor of the national paper Der Standard well known also in the Süddeutsche Zeitung, Munich, Courrier International, Paris and Cartoon Art International, New York, who presents about 20 exhibits in color (front page cartoons) and black and white. The exhibition can be visited for outside people on every Saturday. For more information please switch on the website of the parliament (1.2012) Photography: Adsy Bernart

Oliver Schopf, editorial cartoons austria, politische Karikaturen  2009:
karikaturmuseum, krems, exhibition tobacco in cartoons

Tobacco in Editorial Cartoons

From November 15th, 2009 to April 7th, 2010 the Karikaturmuseum Krems in Lower Austria shows an exhibiton on tobacco in cartoons and caricatures. National and international cartoonists take part in this very recommended exhibition, which adherents of that kind of art must visit. (13.11.2009)

Oliver Schopf, politischer cartoonist austria, editorial cartoons 2009:
no smoking campaigns exhibition karikaturmuseum, krems, tobacco in cartoons
Oliver Schopf im Warhol Museum in Pittsburg 2009 USA EU Taliban Terror Verkleidungen Basketballer mit Bombe und Turban

Oliver Schopf im Warhol Museum in Pittsburg 2009 Banken Bankmanager Boni Sonderzahlungen Mafia mit überquellenden Geldscheffeln unter dem Verhandlungstisch

Oliver Schopf im Warhol Museum in Pittsburg 2009 Marx Szarkozy Merkl falsche Bärte auf Merkels und Szarkozys Gesicht erinnern an Marx der daneben mit Uncle-Sam_outfit und Zigarre zwischen den Zähnen lächelnd steht
Three of five cartoons which will be seen at the exhibition in The Warhol Museum Pittsburgh Pennsylvania from 18th of september till 18th of october 2009.
Drawn to the Summit: A G-20 Exhibition of International Political Cartoons at "The Andy Warhol Museum", Pittsburgh PA

Delegates, protestors and journalists will invade Pittsburgh in September for the Pittsburgh G-20 summit. The cartoons in Drawn to the Summit highlights the work of the leading cartoonists from the G-20 nations and provide an alternative perspective on G-20 themes such as the global economy and its impact on the environment, human rights, world trade and others. Among of the world leading cartoonists Oliver Schopf’s artwork is also represented in that exclusive and extraordinary show "Drawn to the Summit: A G-20 Exhibition of International Political Cartoons" from 18th of september till 18th of october 2009 at The Andy Warhol Museum. (25.9.2009)
Parliamentary Elections 2009 in Germany: Cartoon in the daily news paper Süddeutsche Zeitung

Oliver Schopf a tribute to Horst Haitzinger to his 70th birthday

The German daily paper Süddeutsche Zeitung published in Munich shows an illustrating cartoon by Oliver Schopf on the German parliamentary elections. (23.9.2009)

Horst Haitzinger, Famous German Editorial Cartoonist Celebrates His 70th Birthday

Oliver Schopf a tribute to Horst Haitzinger to his 70th birthday

Well renowned and one of the outstanding editorial cartoonists in Germany, Horst Haitzinger, celebrates his 70th birthday in June 2009. Haitzinger an Austrian born native started his career in the late 50s in Munich and contributed his work mostly to the Munich daily paper “tz”. Internationally he published his cartoons also for Swiss papers and was regarded as one of the best artists overseas. His colleagues of the “Süddeutsche Zeitung” dedicated a tribute in his home paper “tz”. (8.09)

Oliver Schopf cartoonist drawing with iPhone

Oliver Schopf, editorial cartoons from Austria, cartoonist from Austria, Austrian illustrations, illustrator from Austria, editorial cartoon International 2009: Oliver Schopf using iPhone as drawing tool - cartoon of Austrian Minister of Interior Affairs Maria Fekter
Videoclip on YouTube
Oliver Schopf Using iPhone as Drawingtool

Oliver Schopf using iPhone as drawingtool

Copyright: H. Spudich

Editorial cartoonist Oliver Schopf (top), Der Standard, Vienna, used iPhone App Brushes to paint this Page-1-Cartoon of Maria Fekter (on the left), Minister of Interior Affairs, on the topic of asylum restrictions. Probably the first iPhone editorial cartoon in Europe after the front page cartoon of “The New Yorker” in May 2009 made on an iPhone. (13.6.09)
Oliver Schopf, cartoonist represents austria on the greek exebition
Cartoon in Europe of 27 – 13–25 october 2008

By the initiative of the Greek Parliament and the Greek Cartoonists Association 92 cartoonists from the 27 member countries of the EU have been invited to show their artwork in Athens. Visit Oliver Schopf, representative of Austria, takes part with several cartoons not only on European political issues. (24.10.08)

Oliver Schopf, political cartoons: comadoping

Oliver Schopf Karikaturist Porträt von Robert Louis Stevenson

On the occasion of a Robert-Louis-Stevenson-Conference organized by the University of Bergamo, Italy, a drawing of Oliver was used for posters, folders and program. (18.8.08)

Editorial Cartoons for the Süddeutsche

Since January 2008 Oliver Schopf is a contributor to the one of the most important German daily paper the Süddeutsche Zeitung on a regular weekly basis. (30.12.07)

Oliver Schopf editorial cartoons for german daily newspaper die Süddeutsche Zeitung

Court Room Art: the Bawag Trial in Vienna

Most important bank and economy trial in Austria’s  Second Republik. 9 defendents among 2 CEO and one international investment banker. More Cartoons at Oliver Schopf's Court Room Art-Section (27.7.07)

Oliver Schopf, editorial cartoons, court room art: The Bawag Trial in Vienna

A Cartoon for a Retirement

After 19 years editor-in-chief of the Austrian daily paper "Der Standard" and horse aficionado Gerfried Sperl has retired. (19.7.07)

Oliver Schopf, editorial cartoons, cartoonist, After 19 years editor-in-chief of the Austrian daily paper Der Standard and horse aficionado Gerfried Sperl has retired.

A Reprinted Editorial Cartoon in the Easti Päevaleht

Reprint of a cartoon in the Estonian daily paper  Eesti Päevaleht on Gazprom’s Baltic Sea pipeline. (26.6.07)

Oliver Schopf, editorial cartoons, cartoonist, Reprint of a cartoon in the Estonian daily paper  Eesti Päevaleht on Gazprom’s Baltic Sea pipeline..

Oliver Schopf, editorial cartoons, reprinted in IHT

In February 2007 an editorial cartoon by Oliver Schopf was reprinted in the International Herald Tribune.

A Reprinted Editorial Cartoon in the IHT

Reprint of a cartoon on European energy-supply by Russia in the International Herald Tribune, February 15th, 2007, page 7. (25.2.07)

Reprint of a cartoon on European energy-supply by Russia in the International Herald Tribune, February 15th, 2007, page 7.

Oliver Schopf, editorial cartoons printed in the german magazine stern dezember 2006In december 2006 german magazine stern published a cartoon made for the anniversary of UNICEF by Oliver Schopf.
Line up for Children!

Due to the 60th anniversary of UNICEF the organisation and the German magazine stern invited international editorial cartoonists to create drawings on the misery of children worldwide in all their circumstances. The best of them had been honoured with a reprint in the well known German magazine.
Oliver’s cartoon got a special honour being published on a large double page as the single cartoonist. (25.2.07)

Oliver Schopf, editorial cartoons printed in the german magazine stern dezember 2006

Oliver Schopf, editorial cartoons, le Monde

Editorial cartoons by Oliver Schopf in the french daily paper "Le Monde"

Oliver Schopf, editorial cartoons in in the french daily paper e

Editorial Cartoons in the French Newspaper 'Le Monde'

Prominent reprints of two editorial cartoons by Oliver Schopf in the french daily paper Le Monde on Hungary’s 50 years of uprising and the way to independence of Macedonia.

Oliver Schopf, editorial cartoons, 2006, in the france daily newspaper "le monde"

Oliver Schopf; Coverillustration for a bookCover illustration of the poetry edition “Flowers, Bread and Gold” by Chibo Oneyji, published in the “editon innsalz”, Austria 2006.

Illustration for 'Flowers, Bread and Gold'

The 41 poems collected in this volume are history, a particular phase of the contemporary history of Africans and people of African decent in Austria. The poems lament this history often as metaphorical storm whose mindlessness, howls, and consuming frenzy provide the general themes they variously explore. Silence – something that storms don’t do but which, as a culture, consumes all the same – is another theme of concern, as is Malice in, for example, the poem Omofuma Stone. But the laments are not without hope for hope – in the metaphor of flower – is a fabric encountered everywhere even when least expected; or without prior civil expectations, as in the poem Miracle; or without constructive counsel as when in the poem, Operation Spring, the culture of “gardening” is recommended over the prevailing culture of “hunting” – selective hunting. In the title poem, Flowers, Bread, and Gold, the ultimate price paid by the African in this history is not so much the issue as the morality celebrating this price. All of these, however, do not preclude acknowledging Austria’s magnificence as in the poems, The Only Way or Joseph’s Garden. The collection is dedicated to those already swept to eternity by the storm, to the courage of those committed to unseeding the storm in spite of enormous odds, and to the Hope that in time we shall all get wiser … Yes, hope with a capital h. (2.12.06)

Cartoon Exhibition in the Karikaturmuseum Krems
in Lower Austria

Due to the 5th anniversary of the Karikaturmuseum in Krems, Lower Austria, an exhibition of well-known Austrian editorial cartoonists was opened on September 30, 2006 under the title “Aktuell” , which means “Latest”. The show can be visited till March 11, 2007.
More informations see (3.10.06)

Oliver Schopf; editorial cartoons; austrian cartoonists at the Karikaturmuseum Krems 2007 karikaturmuseum Krems 2007

Sitting left to right: Gustav „Ironimus“ Peichl, Petar Pismestrovic Behind left to right: JP, director of the Karikaturmuseum Krems, Jutta Pichler, manager of art Karikaturmuseum Krems, Oliver Schopf, Michael Pammesberger (Kurier), Wolfgang Ammer (Wiener Zeitung), Bruno Haberzettel (Kronen Zeitung), Peter Kufner (Die Presse), Markus Szyszkowitz with child (Kronen Zeitung), Wolfgang Horsch (Der Standard, Handelsblatt, Süddeutsche Zeitung), Manfred Deix.

Oliver Schopf; politische Karikaturen; Karikaturmuseum Krems 2006 Oliver Schopf and Oscar Bronner; Karikatur Museum krems 2006

Left to right: Oscar Bronner, Publisher Der Standard, Oliver Schopf, Wolfgang Horsch

Oliver Schopf; politische Karikaturen; Karikaturmuseum Krems 2006; Oliver Schopf, editorial cartoonist and Horsch

From the left to the right: Oliver Schopf, Olga Felber Veenenbos, widow of Jean Veenenbos, Wolfgang Horsch.

Portraits for the Hahnenkamm-Race 2006

After the successful series of portraits of Formula-I-pilots for the Red Bulletin Magazin last year Oliver Schopf was commissioned to create another portrait-series with top skiers running in the Hahnenkamm-Race in Kitzbuehel. (29.1.06)

Oliver Schopf: Portrait of Hermann Maier, Austrian skiing-champion

Oliver Schopf; Porträt: Benjamin Raich

Oliver Schopf; Porträt: Hans Hinterseer

Jannuary 2006: Schopf portraits for Red Bulletin Austrian Skiing celiebrities: Hermann Maier; Benjamin Raich; Hans Hinterseer.

Jean Veenenbos,
Editorial Cartoonist of Austria’s Daily Newspaper 'Der Standard' died

Jean Veenenboss 2004 at his exibition in Vienna Museums Quartier. Copyright: Chrisitian Fischer; der Standard.Jean Veenenboss, editorial cartoonist died 2005

Jean Veenenboss 2004 at his exibition in Vienna Museums Quartier. Copyright: Chrisitian Fischer; Der Standard.

December 9th, 2005 my friend and national and international top cartoonist Jean Veenenbos passed away at the age of 73. He was one of the excellent artists in editorial cartooning, well known for his black  sharp  line and his incredible sense of humor, unmasking world politics and its representatives. He regulary works for Der Standard, Austria, he also contributed his cartoons to Neue Züricher Zeitung and Nebelspalter both in Switzerland, Süddeutsche Zeitung in Germany, Courrier International in Paris and Cartoonists and Writers Syndicate, USA. In 2003 he was awarded “Best European Cartoonist“ in Forte dei Marmi, Italy and in 2005 he was knighted by the Dutch Queen to the “Knight of the Order of Oranje-Nassau“.
We all have lost a friend, a very talented artist, a very well educated and cultured Dutch native born on Java, 1932, who decided to live in Austria. We all miss You, Jean ... Your wife, Your children, the papers and me.
(Oliver Schopf, 1.2006)


Jean Veenenbos an editorial cartoon 2005, David Irving

Last cartoon by Jean Veenenboss 2005.

Schopf portraitierte eganaIn December 2005: Schopf painted Johann Perktold and Martin Schaufler from Egana Austria.
Portraits of Egana Austria

Special request of the Austrian newspaper for watches and jewellery "“: A double-portrait of the two bosses of Egana Austria, Johann Perktold and Martin Schaufler. Egana Austria is a branch office of the worldwide watch and jewellery group Egana. (15.12.05)

International Harald Tribune

November 1st, 2005: Reprint of the editorial cartoon "Valerie Plame“  in the International Herald Tribune on its opinion page, first published in the Austrian newspaper "Der Standard“. (11.05)

Harald tribune with Schopf`` editorial cartoon

Schopf's illustration in the Harald Tribune in november 2005.

A Cover for KARL

Cover for the German chessmagazine KARL published in Frankfurt/Main: Former soviet world chess champion Michail Botvinnik (1911–1995). KARL is a cultural historic magazine on chess concerning with historical and background topics of the chessworld. November/December issue covers with Botvinnik.
More at:

Portrait for KARL

Michail Botwinnik; Oliver Schopf's Portrait for a cover of KARL, a German chessmagazine.

Museum Opens with Oliver Schopf's Cartoons in Berlin

Two Lasker-drawings of Oliver Schopf (see also "archive“ and "chess“) has been shown in the opening of the Emanuel-Lasker Museum  in Berlin-Kreuzberg. Emanuel Lasker a former world chess champion (1894-1921) was born  in Berlichingen  near Berlin.
"Albert Einstein meets Emanuel Lasker“ was also published in the well noted German chess magazine SCHACH in its December edition. (9.05)

Oliver Schopf: Einstein und Emanuel Lasker

"Lasker meets Einstein" at the museums opening in Berlin 2005.
Klaus A. Schröder and Elisabeth Gehrer

Klaus Albrecht Schröder, director of the Albertina Vienna, and Elisabeth Gehrer; Minister of Education.
Fotography: APA/Robert Newald

Hare as Present

On the occasion of his 50th birthday  on September 15th 2005, Austrian Minister of Education, Elisabeth Gehrer (right) presented an original editorial cartoon of Oliver Schopf to Klaus Albrecht Schroeder, the director of the World’s biggest graphic collection, the Viennese Albertina. In spring Schroeder exported the famous Hare of Albrecht Duerer to an exhibition in Madrid without any permission of the federal bureau of preservation. The minister was not amused and Schroeder was not amused too ... about this cartoon. Finally, as You can see, all ended up in laughing on both sides. (29.9.05)

Albert Dürer Hase Hare Illustration by Oliver Schopf

Austrian Federal Election Campaign 2005: Editorial Cartoons for Austrian Newspaper 'Der Standard'

September/October 2005: Drawn and painted coverage of the three federal election campaigns in Vienna, Burgenland and Styria for the Austrian daily paper "Der Standard". Two times a week and eight weeks through. Starting on September 4th 2005. (5.9.05)

Oliver Schopf; Karikaturist: Landtagswahlen 2005; politische Karikaturen
Austrian Federal Election 2005.


Exclusive Constribution with the Swiss Tagesanzeiger, Zurich

Since August 2005 the Swiss daily newspaper Tagesanzeiger, Zurich, has also engaged Oliver Schopf for an exclusive contribution to their analysis and background page. (5.9.05)

Oliver Schopf; Porträts; Michael Schumacher Schumi ; Formula-1; Red BullOliver Schopf Formula1-portrait. Klien
Michael Schumacher and Christian Klien (top) und Juan Pablo Montoya (d.)

Oliver Schopf; Porträts; Montoya; Formula-1; Red Bull

Formula-1: Portraits for "Red Bulletin"

In early summer 2005 Red Bull commissioned Oliver Schopf to portray all Formula-I-pilots for its magazine “Red Bulletin“, a fieldproduced magazine for each race and for readers there. Meanwhile these portraits have attracted international attention ... lap by lap, race by race ... (5.9.05)

Drawings for the Exhibition in Castle
Oberes Belvedere, Vienna

Exhibition “Das neue Österreich“ in castle Oberes Belvedere, Vienna, May–October, 2005. To this exhibition Oliver Schopf has been invited to create several cartoons on the so called “Social Partnership of Austria“, a partnership between members of the Chamber of Economy and members of the trade union in Austria, which have lasted now for about 60 years. The original works can be seen there. (5.9.05)

Heroes and Hermann "Herminator" Maier

Federal exhibition of Lower Austria in Heldenberg, May–October 2005. For this event titled “Heroes“ Oliver Schopf is represented  with his famous cartoon  “Hermann 'Herminator' Maier—Hasta La Vista, Baby“. (5.9.05)