Court Room Art
BAWAG Bank Trial:
from the 77th to the 35th day of the hearing
BAWAG trial:  the verdict. Oliver Schopf, editorial cartoons, court room art, BAWAG Trial 2007: Most important bank and economy trial in Austria’s  Second Republik. 9 defendents among 2 CEO and one international investment banker. The defendants: Wolfgang Floett; Helmut Elsner; Johann Zwettler
77th day of the hearing:
Judge Claudia Bandion-Ortner (c.) with "explosive" boxes from Walter Flöttl's (father of Wolfgang) cellar and the defendants Helmut Elsner (d. l.) and Wolfgang Flöttl (d. r.).


BAWAG Bank Trial:
the verdict –
from the 117th to the 78th day of the hearing more

BAWAG Bank Trial:
from the 34th day to the opening of the hearing more