Court Room Art
BAWAG Bank Trial:
the verdict – from the 117th to the 78th day of the hearing
 Oliver Schopf, editorial cartoons from Austria, cartoonist from Austria, Austrian illustrations, illustrator from Austria, editorial cartoon court room art the BAWAG-bank-trial 2007 - 2008. Most important bank and economy trial in Austria's Second Republik. 9 defendents among 2 CEO and one
international investment banker.
113th day of the hearing:
From the left to the right: Defendants Wolfgang Flöttl and Helmut Elsner. On the right: In his final speech attorney Georg Krakow is “drawing” a picture of the “drama” of the “kingdom” of the BAWAG-bank ruled by the monarchs Flöttl and Elsner.


BAWAG Bank Trial:
from the 77th to the 35th day of the hearing more

BAWAG Bank Trial:
from the 34th day to the opening of the hearing more